Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am creating a new blog as kind of a --fresh start-- if you will.

Last night I taught a Relief Society Enrichment class on blogging and journaling. I was surprised they asked me.. I am in no way a blog or computer pro, but it was fun, and I did learn some new things about my computer! I did some research to prepare, and through it read many articles on safety tips for blogging. I was going to go completely private, but have people in my life that are not as.. tech savvy ~per se, and I would still love them to be able to read, so I decided to do this instead. I also feel this is a great way to meet others and share my testimony of the Gospel with all.

I will slowly be transferring this years posts as I correct them, and will change this blog and posts to private. Many people use you still can do that as well, though I do love comments! ;) Thanks for reading and being apart of my life! 


Hint: For those of you learning all this blog stuff..the easiest way I have found is to become a "follower" of the blog you want to follow and it will automatically come up on your google reader.